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Client Endorsements

After I worked on the areas you suggested, I submitted the first 24 pages to the Rupert Hughes Prose Writing contest on Maui, Hawaii...No one had read Page from a Tennessee Journal until I sent it to you. You gave me the courage (and some would say, the gall) to submit my first draft to a prestigious writing contest like the Rupert Hughes...I was stunned to see my name listed with the top ten!

Francine Howard, author
Page from a Tennessee Journal
Top Ten Finalist, Rupert Hughes Award
Maui Writers' Conference Prose Writing Competition, 2003

I would like to recommend the editing services of Marg Gilks, both for line editing and story editing. Ms. Gilks did an outstanding job of critiquing and editing several short stories for me, and I've invited her to consider helping out with editorial tasks at Clocktower Books.

John Cullen, Publisher, Clocktower Books

Ambros cover

I am very impressed by your level of professionalism. I am in medicine and I don't deal with people outside the field often. When I do I am invariably disappointed. My wife has heard me say the following a hundred times: 'If we approached patients in the hospital with this same attitude, half of them would die.' This was not the case here at all and as I said, I'm very impressed.

Robert Ambros, author of The Brief Sun
First Place Winner, Genre Fiction Category
2002 Writer's Digest National Self-Published Book Awards

Clews Book 2 coverClews Book 3 cover

I sent my writing to several sources for evaluation before finding Marg, and found that critiques are easy to obtain, but solid advice is surely not. Marg analyzed my work and provided an exceptional, pointed evaluation that quickly set me on a path that was right for me. The subsequent editing she did proved as much. I found that Marg brings home the hard points in a firm but gentle manner; I certainly received excellent value.

Graham Clews, author of Eboracum: The Village
Best Book of the Year Award, Historical Fiction, 2008 Premier Book Awards and Eboracum: The Fortress
Best Book of the Year Award, Historical Fiction, 2009 Premier Book Awards

Johnston cover

You did an outstanding job editing Vinland: The Beginning. The narrative flows so much better and what I did notice was that the characters moved to the forefront of the story rather than being bogged down with the writer's (my) sometimes intrusive description. Not to brag, but I think I made a great choice in an editor.

Robert Johnston, author of Vinland: The Beginning
Bronze Winner, 2008 Independant Publisher Book Awards, Canada East, Best Regional Fiction

Claburn cover

For anyone considering Marg Gilks as an editor, copyeditor, or proofreader, she's eminently qualified. I had occasion to avail myself of her services for my unpublished first novel and I was quite pleased with her incisive observations and perceptive edits. She's a talented wordsmith and a dedicated professional (a subject I believe I can speak of with some authority as I'm currently a senior editor at a national business magazine in the United States). I recommend her with the utmost enthusiasm.

T. Claburn, author of Reflecting Fires

Persley cover

Thank you so much for your support and for being a great mentor.

Nikki Persley, author of Serpent of Eternity

Kraus cover

It's with pleasure that I recommend Marg Gilks at SCRIPTA WORD SERVICES. She edited my novel 'Nothing To Declare' in an extremely professional manner. Advising me regularly on those changes she felt in order, however slight, while keeping the writing as my own, her work was completed on time and at reasonable cost.

Josef Kraus, author of Nothing to Declare
Wexford College Press

Clews Book 1 cover

In one writing lesson over the Internet, Marg Gilks set me on the right path faster than anyone I can remember (and with fewer words, too).

Graham Clews, author of Jessica Jones and the Gates of Penseron

Russell cover

You were instrumental in helping me find my voice, and to bringing the world of the Enchanters into existence.

David Bryan Russell, author of Enchanters, enthusiastically recommended to fantasy lovers by the Midwest Book Review.
Freya Publishing

Rummel Book 1 coverRummel Book 2 cover

You are heaven sent. Your evaluation is just what I need. Good critique, good suggestions, good comments.

Rudy Rummel, author of War and Democide: Never Again and
Nuclear Holocaust: Never Again
Llumina Press

Simone cover

Special thanks to Marg Gilks, my editor, for her creativity, her thoroughness, her sincere interest in my book and for giving me the support that every new author dreams of.

Narendra Simone, author of Truth Seekers

Ambros Book 2

Thank you so much for the job you've done. I'm no expert in the field but I think that your editing goes beyond what most others are willing to offer. Your commitment to excellence is impressive!

Robert Ambros, author of When Eagles Die.

Baran Book 1

"A special thanks to my editor, Marg Gilks of Scripta Word Services, for improving the manuscript while keeping my voice and style intact. Marg, you’re the best!"

Randy Baran, author of The Return of the Trumpet: Part I, an urban fantasy about a young jazz trumpetist who inherits an exotic, powerful trumpet, a mission to return it, and a deadly puzzle he is destined to solve.

Rummel Book 3 cover Rummel Book 4 cover

Got the edited ms, opened it, and checked all. No problem, no questions, nicely done. You threw out about 4 percent, which tightened the writing up and much improved the reading. I like this book — it is my favorite.

Rudy Rummel, author of Reset and Red Terror, books 3 and 4 in the Never Again Series, Llumina Press

Adams cover

You did an excellent job and have an excellent ear for symbolism and nuance. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Benjamin Q. Adams, author of The Museum of the Yellow Ribbon
Wasteland Press

Brooks cover

I contacted a lot of editors looking for that perfect fit. Marg impressed me with her willingness to point out every single one of my mistakes while intuitively keeping my written voice intact. The fact that she's personable and open-minded are bonuses as well. I was searching for my "fantasy-editor" and she has every one of the qualities on my list.

Amanda Brooks, author of The Internet Escort's Handbook series

Ettritch Book 1 cover Ettritch Book 2 cover Ettritch Book 3 cover

Thank you for the great job you did editing my stories. Your suggestions were always on the mark. I look forward to working with you again.

Sarah Ettritch, author of Rymellan Stories

Wylie cover

I have read somewhere "Good editing is like the elastic in your underwear; if it is doing a good job, you don't know it's there." As a first time author I can only say that my first experience with a professional editor was rewarding and stimulating. Marg Gilks, Scripta Word Services with a deft penhand made astute corrections to text, suggested places for improvement all the while respecting my creative storyline. I recommend to all, a full five star rating.

Paul Wylie, author of Hemp Conspiracy
BlackEye Publishing

Ashpaugh cover

Out of sixteen sample edits, we had problems deciding between you and one other editor. So close, so we posted your sample edits with my online writing group, and yours won unanimously.

Cliff Ashpaugh, author of Passions Perceived

Barry cover

Your contribution exceeded by far what I had hoped to gain from an editor.

Stephen Barry, author of The Dancing Lion

Sumrall cover

Thanks so much! I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I really like working with you.

Jerrye Sumrall, author of The Secret Graveyard

Orizon cover

Some say that friendliness is not compatible with professionalism. I cannot do that, when I refer to Mrs. Gilks.

John Orizon, author of When the Past Meets the Present

Dagenais cover

This novella wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the guidance and support of my editor, Marg Gilks. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

This tale began with one paragraph that stuck in my head. Not being a writer, I still jotted that paragraph down. I then started building around that with much help from Marg, and the work you see before you is the end result.

Mitch Dagen, author of Murders by Midnight

Rummel EWD cover

Your editing was very good and much improved the writing, but I've come to expect that...As to how happy I am with the books as a product, I recently reread Books 1 – 3. I can only say, I like what I've done with your help. I am proud of them as a personal achievement and statement, and how better to feel about one's works...I especially want to thank you for all the help over the years, not only with regard to the seven books (counting the supplement), but also in finding agents and publishers, and providing me with helpful things to study on writing through your website and what you sent.

Rudy Rummel, author of the Never Again series of novels and its nonfiction supplement Ending War, Democide, Famine, and Poverty, Llumina Press

Carter cover

Your input was thorough, knowledgeable, on-the-mark, and JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I will go back to the drawing board and put your suggestions to use in my rewrite. Your words will definitely serve as a guideline for my future work.

Jayme Carter, children's author

Andersen cover

You produced an honest, thorough evaluation. Your professional, objective perspective, opinion and advice are all most appreciated. Your suggestions will indeed go far in tightening and improving the manuscript.

Mel-Lynda Andersen,
co-author with Mirja Vahala of The Costume Room

Bathanti cover

Thank you for your comments and suggestions on my novel. I'm pleased to tell you the first publisher I sent the entire manuscript to, bought it. Without your invaluable and insightful comments, I know this would never have happened.

Henry Bathanti, author of The Bastard Board

Madison cover

I researched dozens of editors and your sample far outshined them all.

Kevin Madison, author of Holy Degenerates

D'Alembert cover

I made some checks with several skilled editors by sending first two chapters of my book, and so I discovered 'Scripta Word Services'. Marg Gilks ('Scripta' manager) read carefully what reviewers said on their comments about my book, then analyzed my manuscript and correctly stated what I needed was a complete re-writing task so to erase all traces of foreign spelling and grammar constructions. I decided to sign contract with 'Scripta' and we again worked through (lot of) emails to 'smooth' the book. I liked lot of Marg's work because she got to change (when necessary) entirely many paragraphs, but even so retaining untouched my style of writing. It was a hard work during many weeks, and Marg Gilks appeared to me like a very competent and skilled person. Marg is also SF writer, so for me was very pleasant to see she understood very well what I wishing to explain to reader. Marg also checked carefully all scientific terms and phrases I used against several special dictionaries, explaining to me in every case why I should (or not) use these terms. I recommend strongly 'Scripta Word Services' for somebody (like me) who cares so much with quality of final product. I think 'Scripta' price is in middle of scale among professional editors, and it worth every cent.

Arthur D'Alembert, author of Song of the Swan Books I & II

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