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verba volent, scripta manent – words flee, writing remains

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Editing in Action

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Editing sample.
Lesson feedback for Fundamentals of Fiction writing course.

What happens when you send your manuscript to me for editing?

  1. I receive the original manuscript file from you.
  2. I edit this file electronically, using markup very similar to that used in this online edited sample.
  3. Once I've edited the entire manuscript, I go through it and clean out all the editorial markup, so all that's left is a clean file, ready for submission or production.
  4. I return both the edited file and the clean file to you, so you can see every change I made by glancing at the "edited" file, while still having a readable, submittable "clean" file.

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When you take my Fundamentals of Fiction writing course, you can expect individual feedback on your assignments and answers to your questions with every lesson. Students have the option of completing hand-in assignments designed to lead participants through to completion of a short short story, or completing the self-directed exercises included in each lesson and asking me questions instead.

Click here to see an example of the type of lesson feedback you can expect.

Click here to see my response to a student's hand-in assignment for the Lesson Eight Final Project — a flash fiction story.

You can also visit's Meet the Professionals to see an example of my work.

Never Happen Series

With thanks to Professor Rudy Rummel for permission to use an excerpt from his novel War and Democide: Never Again to illustrate the editing process. More information about Professor Rummel's Never Again Series, and about his research on freedom, democide, and war, can be found by clicking on the image at left.

With thanks to writers Jim Jasper and Pete Jones for permission to use our correspondence from my "Fundamentals of Fiction" course to illustrate two forms of course feedback.

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